A middle-aged woman develops a brain tumour that causes changes in her personality...

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A young man with psychopathic tendencies comes into conflict with the state...

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> Interior Traces at Newcastle’s Centre for Life

Posted June 23, 2010

This Friday the Identity Project is continuing its UK tour in Newcastle, kicking off with the Identity Masquerade, an exciting evening event that invites guests to conceal their own identity, while reflecting on the issues of personality and what makes us who we are, in an evening of music, science, art and culture featuring screenings of Interior Traces. James and I are sadly unable to attend, but any of you who go along to the Centre of Life with a camera, we’d love to see some photos so get in touch or put them up on the facebook wall!

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> Tell us what you thought about Interior Traces!

Posted June 21, 2010

If you went to an Interior Traces event in the UK this year, or to a film screening or Cafe Neuroethique event in Canada, we’d love to hear what you think about the dramas and the issues they raise, and how we could improve future events.

Click here to fill in a short survey, or if you’d like to send us an email instead we’re on info@interiortraces.com.

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> Interior Traces in Canada

Louise Whiteley, one of the directors and co-writer of Interior Traces, is spending the summer as a Visiting Research Fellow in the National Core for Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Louise will be screening the dramas to medical students and residents, and as the inaugural event for the department’s new Cafe Neuroethique at local music venue The Railway Club. Cafe Neuroethique involves public arts events, informal discussions, and talks exploring ethical, legal, and social issues raised by developments in neuroscience.

If you’d like to hear more about the new Cafe, drop us a line at cafeneuroethique@gmail.com!

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